How Does The OLSP System Work? 

To become a member of The Traffic Domination Facebook group, you'll get your mega link, which is your referral link.  You can use this link to invite users to join it too.

Like any other affiliate link, when someone joins the Facebook group through your link, the system keeps track of them for a year.

Invited members of your Facebook group will have access to internet marketing training, support from group members, weekly QandA sessions, and alerts of new products or services that OLSP has launched.

OLSP Components

The OLSP Platform also consists of different components which are given below.

1. The Traffic Domination Facebook Group:

A Facebook group of upper level varying experienced users who help each other out in leveling up.  You can ask any questions in this group, and you will surely get a response rapidly.

2. OLSP Members Dashboard:

In the OLSP Dashboard, you will access everything such as online training videos, notifications of all the upcoming launches, upgrades, training, and products.

3. Boot Camp:

The boot camp has 16 modules with videos which is a real deal of help for all the new users.  This will help you get to know everything about OLSP. After you are finished watching the modules, you will get $20 US for completion of the certificate. However a $50 limit is required to withdraw the funds.

One of the products in the mega funnel training allows you to earn guaranteed commissions by commenting on peoples post in the facebook group.  This product costs $12.95 which can be accessed from the Mega Funnel Training.  You receive .25 cents each time you comment on someones post. Which in time will accumulate.  The more comments the more commissions.

4. Online Training Videos:

In order to fully grasp how to use OLSP to generate affiliate commissions, it is imperative that you watch the online training videos. It has nine that cover 70 lessons in all, including general topics like email marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, and more specialized ones like funnel building, tracking, advanced list building, Google Ads, and Facebook marketing.

5. (Traffic Domination) TD Products:

There is a range of products made by the Traffic Domination team that is linked to affiliate marketing, list building, and traffic generation.

How to Sign Up for OLSP?

The sign-up process for OLSP is easy as the breeze; there is nothing really difficult in it!

However, we have outlined the sign-up process in this step-by-step guide to ensure that you do not run into any difficulties later on during the process.

Step 1:

To begin, you must go to the OLSP's official website, where you will see the following: No account? Create one. You only need to click on the Create One option, which is obvious because you need to create a new account; therefore, simply clicking on the Create One option will direct you to the other page, where the process will begin.

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Step 2:

Now, enter your first and last names in the provided fields, as well as your email address and a password, which you must confirm twice! After that, enter the captcha code and finally click on the "create account" button in the red box to finish the process.

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Now that you've confirmed your email, you're ready to begin exploring the OLSP system and learning everything there is to know about it.

Making money with the OLSP system:

You must all be curious to learn how to earn money with the OLSP system and how the entire process works. Am I correct? Obviously, I am. Not to worry, it's not difficult at all.

To earn money with the OLSP system, all you have to do is adhere to their training exactly; they have thoroughly explained everything in their nine units of training, and by sticking to each one, you will soon earn a commission.

When you sign up for the OLSP system, you will receive a mega link, which is also your affiliate link to the system, to earn commissions. To earn a commission, all you have to do is send people to the sign-up page by sharing this link, and when they sign up

Once all is done and the person purchases anything through the OLSP system, you will be rewarded with the commission.

So it is as simple as it sounds, and there is no cost to sign up, and there is no requirement to invest any money in order to begin earning commissions. However, if you have any questions, their training sessions will greatly assist you; make sure to follow them for more detailed information.

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