Hey there, as you are probably aware my name is Anthony Rousek and for those that don’t know much about me I thought I would share with you all a little about myself and my background.

I live in Sydney Austra and am passionate about writing reviews on different areas in life such as health, money, travel, beauty and more.

I attended high school in the Inner west suburbs of Sydney, and completed my HSC There, unfortunately I was never good at the academy and decided to go into Hospitality to be a Chef.

So I then went to TAFE and studied Hospitality and completed my apprenticeship.  However I never did pressure chefing and worked in various places around Sydney as a Kitchen/Catering Assistant to make decent wages.

I always had interest in Technology and computers and decided to get a diploma in Information Technology.  But always was drawn back to Kitchen and Catering work.

However i then realized that working in hospitality was something that I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life.

Frustration Then Kicked In

Okay so like anything that you do everyday that you don’t really enjoy, gets old and starts to feel like torture.  Long hours standing in the kitchen and not making much, I was finding myself getting frustrated after working in Hospitality for over 10 years.  

I wasn’t able to get anywhere where I wanted to go and found it hard. 

Which is why I turned to working online.  My cousin introduced me to some MLM Products but without much sales experience, that opportunity turned sour.  I turned to getting coaching from some successful people online.

I then launched some information products on warrior plus in a make money niche, and went on being a solo ads vendor.  Without much sales experience I then found another guy and business partner from Newcastle Australia, who I teamed up to launch products.  I then continued coaching with Mark Wightley from Newcastle and its been the best decision I have made.

Success Is Finally Looking Closer.

Once I learn’t some of the skills that Mark was doing successfully, I was able to make some great passive income using Google Ads.

To me this was a light bulb moment and it was a huge breakthrough that started me on my way to online success and my eventual goal of working from home.

I am still working full time and now earning extra money online as a side hassle to make decent wages I am looking for.

The reason I have created this blog site is to help readers like you to create reviews you can trust to help as many people as possible to give them the right decisions in health, wealth, travel and more.

I hope this blog will help you make informed decisions when purchasing products online.