Do you still struggle with styling yourself with the trending fashion craze? Are you still confused about your fleece looks? Don’t worry! We have got the answers to all the ambiguities you have in your mind. Fleece has shockingly stepped into this big fashion industry in no time. In the beginning, it was reserved just for the hikers, but now we see it everywhere. From fun-loving frat boys, squash players, bankers, business lovers and casual wearers, all are seen dressed in fleece somehow.

Fleece provides a fresh recess from the all-day puffer and bomber jackets. It’s a versatile piece of cloth, making a cool sartorial statement while keeping you warm even in a freaking cold environment. Fleece comes in various shapes and styles, for example, a jumper, hoodie, sweatshirt and oversized jackets. You can style it in whatever way is suitable for you. It is perfect for having an extra layer of warmth while maintaining trendy looks.

Following are the three different ways for men to wear fleece this season.

1.   Casual wear:

For casual wear, try a fleece sweatshirt, or fleece hoodie. A half-zipped fleece jacket can also work well in this regard since it will provide a good room for ventilation. Since fleece is usually quite warm, wear a plain T-shirt under it. Avoid using printed shirts, as it will hustle you look.

Carrying your casual look requires a pair of wide jeans with a crossbody bag to make the look flow and bring a random touch to your style.

2.   Fancy cool:

To bring a completely new dimension of look to your casual wear, you have to make a perfect contrast of your fleece with the jeans and shoes. Wearing a maroon-coloured fleece jacket with a grey and white contrast combines the smart and casual look.

You can also try a fit fleece with a camel overcoat and boots to give it a fancy touch. Avoid using fanny bags as they reflect a more casual look than a smart look.

3.   Smart look:

Here is the hardest look to pull off with fleece. Once fashioned well, it is worth the look. Try styling your slim fit fleece jacket with smart trousers and loafers to complement the look. Try using dark colours while styling this look such as navy blue and burgundy. A reasonable scarf draped over the top can add to this feature.  Make sure your accessories and jacket complement each other t

Ending notes

With a help of this style guide, you have got a good insight into how to style your fleece while staying in your comfort zone. Fleece can be either be dressed up for formal or casual wear. One can also switch its look while using the same fleece by just adding the right accessories to it. Interchanging the outfit is always encouraged when it comes to men’s fashion sense. Most importantly, it can be amongst the most comfortable and warm stuff of your wardrobe, go and grab yourself with some fleece before it gets out of fashion.