Dates are usually a night thing. But who says you can’t have one at daytime? It might be rare but can be a fun experience.

Make yourself pretty for your date by following these easy tips.

1. Shower the Night Before

It is highly recommended to get your hair washed one night before the date. Get it properly dried before hitting the sheets. The next day, you will have hair ready to be styled the way you want with plenty of time in hand.

If you shower in the morning, you might end up having frizzy or static hair on your date. This is usually what happens when you have your hair freshly washed. Plus, it will take time to blow dry and then style your hair. You might end up getting late.

2. Prep your Skin

Again, this is what needs to be done a night before. Prepping your skin includes getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Tweeze out the stray hair around your brows and upper lips. If there are plenty of hair to take care of, you might want to consider using face bleach.

Both plucking out hair and bleaching may make the skin irritated. You need to give it time to settle down. The skin will soothe as you sleep so that you can wake up fresh the following morning.

Skin prepping may also include using a soothing or rejuvenating face mask. Use one at night to wake up with glowing skin. But avoid using anything you haven’t tried before. You never know how your skin might react to it. You certainly don’t want to go on a date with an allergic reaction.

3. Get your Beauty Sleep

Don’t pull an all-nighter right before your date. In order to look pretty, you need to wake up fresh with well-rested skin.

If you sleep late, you might end up with puffy eyes and eye bags. There won’t be enough time in the morning to get rid of them.

4. Doll up with the Right Makeup

For a daytime date, your makeup needs to be subtle. Use nude shades for the eyes and lips and don’t forget your mascara. It really makes the eyes more attractive.

5. Pick a Suitable Dress

What you are going to wear depends on where you are going. Daytime dates are usually not formal. You may be going to the movies, the beach or a picnic at the park. So, dress up casually.

6. Accessorize

Since your dress is casual, you may use some accessories to look more special. Earrings, a light bracelet or a thin chain can enhance your style.

7. Don’t Skip Nail Paint

Don’t forget to “dress up” your hands and feet. These will be more noticeable during the daytime. You may go for a neutral shade or a funkier one like turquoise or yellow.

8. Use Sun Protection

Do wear your sunscreen before heading out to your daytime date. It is essential to keep your skin protected from the sun.

Remember these useful pointers. You are sure to impress your date.