Putting on your own makeup is fun. But not doing it the right way can make the process frustrating.

Not to worry. Here are guidelines to help you avoid the 5 common mistakes women usually make while doing their makeup.

Skipping the Primer

The first step should always be a primer. It makes your face smooth for the foundation. Primers can hydrate the skin, fill in fine lines and minimize the size of your pores.

Additionally, primers also provide a long lasting base for the rest of your makeup. Without one, your makeup might chip off, smudge or wear off.

So, don’t skip this step in order to make your makeup appear smooth as well as long lasting.

Going Wrong with the Foundation

There are so many ways you can go wrong with your foundation. From choosing the wrong shade to applying it on your face the wrong way, you can end up with a disastrous look.

Have a look at these life saving tips.

  • The shade of your foundations should match your natural complexion – not darker, not lighter! While purchasing one, test the shade on your chin instead of at the back of your hand. The skin tone of the latter is always different from your face.
  • Never buy your foundation online as the chances of getting the wrong shade are high.
  • Don’t forget to blend, blend and blend. Use a wet sponge for the best application.
  • Use a foundation with the right coverage. It should be sheer coverage for a daytime or casual look while for heavy, formal makeup, use a full coverage base.

Choosing the Wrong Concealer

The shade of your under-eye concealer should usually be darker than your base. This is because the under-eye area is darker. In order to conceal your dark circles properly, use an appropriate shade. A light concealer won’t do the job right.

You should also know that a little amount of concealer goes a long way. Use a minute amount and blend it well.

Using a Bleeding Lip Color

A bleeding lip color can get ugly! It can get runny around the corners of your lips. Often, it also gets on your teeth.

The solution is simple. Try to use matte lipsticks and always set with translucent powder.

Another option is to go for liquid lipsticks. These are quick drying shades which do not budge even after eating or drinking.

Not Setting the Makeup

Most women skip the finishing step after getting done with their makeup. The final step should always be a setting spray. Don’t skip it if you wish your makeup to last longer.

There is a range of these sprays available. The most common ones are matte or dewy. Your final look depends on what type you use.

The next time you do your makeup – either for a formal event or a casual look – follow all the above mentioned tips to do it like a pro. Give yourself the perfect look by avoiding the common makeup mistakes you have been making previously.