Are you a fashion enthusiast and fond of wearing jewellery to pop up your outfit? Are you looking for different tips to accessorize your outfit and style your jewellery? If yes, then you have landed in the right place since we have got you covered!

Every stylish outfit needs some pieces of accessories to make it look complete and classy. But the question is how can you do it? Perfectly-picked jewellery can instantly enhance your outfit and uplift the whole vibe. However, if you go overboard, it can ruin your classy and elegant looks.

Here are some tips to follow that will help you bring your entire outfit together and make your look go from dull or unprofessional to stunning or professional.

1.    Choose according to the event or occasion

Choosing your jewellery according to the event or occasion you are going to attend is important. Like you select your outfit according to the event, select the matching jewellery as well. Some jewellery pieces are too formal for the daily routine and some of them are too dressed down for formal occasions.

If you are going for a party, wedding ceremony, date night, cocktail or kitty party, lavish jewellery pieces would do the job. On the other hand, do not go for extravagant jewellery for daily wear like if you are a college-going student or office-working woman, just keep it simple.

2.    Know about the size of the jewellery

Knowing the size of the jewellery is important to accentuate your outfit. Big and chunky jewellery pieces might sometimes look clumsy and clunky. However, very small and minimal ones might get outshined by your outfit.

If your outfit is printed and loud, then you should go for the small jewellery pieces, such as minimal pearl necklaces paired with a ring or two. Also, you can wear small studs you think go well with your outfit. However, with plain and simple dresses, such as matching separates, you should go for chunky and stylish jewellery.


3.    Choose jewellery according to the colour of your outfit

Usually, some jewellery pieces go with almost every outfit and make it look elegant. For example, golden or silver statement jewellery pieces will do this job. Similarly, black, white or neutral-coloured pieces would look elegant with most of your outfits.

If you want to go with colouredjewellery pieces, you can use a colour wheel to find out the amazing colour combinations to look classy.

4.    Choose the jewellery that accentuates your skin tone

It is also essential to keep your skin tone in mind while choosing jewellery pieces. It plays a huge role in making you look perfect.

Women with cooler skin tones can go for gold, white, or silver jewellery pieces. Some other colours like red, green, purple also accentuate cooler skin tones.

However, women with warmer skin tones should try gold pieces. Orange, yellow, and pink will also do the job.

Neutral skin tones look best with gold and silver pieces.

In a nutshell, by following these tips, you can style your jewellery effortlessly and look chic. So, wait no more and go buy these pieces to add to your wardrobe.