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Hello all and thank you for checking out my OLSP System Review Site.  Today I answer the main question of whether OLSP System actually works and if it's legit, and how to make money online from home.

I have put together, what I believe to be the most compreshensive, and honest OLSP Review there is online. I have left nothing out at all.  I cover the good thngs, the bad things the pricing and lots more.

Question: Can You Get OLSP System For Free?

Answer: Yes You can Join basic member for Free.

So Why Did I Write This OLSP Review?

olspsystem Review 2022

Well the reason that I have written this OLSP System Review, is that I have been a VIP Member of OLSP and it's the best System online there is.  

I joined about 5 years ago, when I was searching for ways to Make Money Online from home.  I found lots of systems and training were either not legit or a scam.

After being a VIP member of OLSP for the last 5 years I found Wayne Crowe who is the creator of OLSP to be the most legit and humble person there is online.

Not only he helps newbies who have never made money online (results not typical) He goes out of his way to help newbies succeed.

So Today I like to share my review on why you should Join OLSP and How I can help you get started Making Money Online Today.

questionmark Neuropure

If you are not familiar with this, it is nothing new, because why would anyone pay attention to only four-letter words?

What you should know now is that these four letters (OLSP) are more than just a letter; they are part of an OLSP System.

This system is used for making money online through affiliate marketing.

The OLSP (One Lead System Pixel) is created by Wayne Crowe and the Traffic Domination Team, created and established this system.

Getting started on this system is Free, and you don't have to spend a penny.

At The time of this Review in March 2022 - Traffic Dominators Group is over 122.0k members.  

The OLSP System is primarily intended to increase traffic while also making money from that traffic.

The OLSP System includes free training and access to a Facebook group for newbies who need help getting started!

It's hard to believe, but many newbies have just jumped from zero to five-figures month income. (Results not typical).

However,  this is true, which is why people worldwide are becoming interested in and using this platform to earn money online. (Results not typical.)

Wayne Crowe holds weekly webinars for all newcomers.  That is a great deal of value in these courses, which will help you to learn everything in detail. It's as simple as putting what you learned from the training into practice and making online from it.

How Does The OLSP System Work?

To become a member of the Traffic Domination Facebook group, you'll get your mega link, which is your referral link.  You can use this link to invite users to join it too.
Like any other affiliate link, when someone joins the Facebook Group through your link, the system keeps track of them for a year.
Invited members of your Facebook group will have access to Internet Marketing Training, support from the group's members, weekly QandA sessions, and alerts about new products or services that your company has launched.
Access to the new mega funnel which allows you to earn commissions asap.  With The mega link you need to wait for your newbies to go through the system to earn commissions. With the mega funnel there is no waiting, you can get commissions asap from 5 offers which you can earn commissions from straight away.
When someone buys from the mega funnel you get commission as soon as someone purchases a product in the mega funnel.

The mega funnel products include: 
 - The Guranteed Commission System which costs $12.95 ( This is a system that allows newbies to get instant commissions in 20  minutes or less. (100% Commission) 
- The Traffic System Training to get traffic to OLSP which costs $17.00 (You get 20% commissions VIP Members More)
- Send Traffic System is where Wayne Crowe and his team send traffic to your offers $27.00  (20% Commissions VIP Members More)
- Done For You Setup System $47.00 (20% Commissions VIP Members More)

OLSP System Components

The OLSP Platform consists of different components which are:

1. The Traffic Domination Facebook Group:

A facebook group of upper-level varying experienced users who help each other out in leveling up. You can ask any query in this group, and you will surely get a response rapidly!

2. OLSP Members Dashboard:

In The OLSP Dashboard, you will access everything such as online training videos, notifications of all the upcoming launches, upgrades, training, products, etc 

3. Boot Camp:

The boot camp has 16 modules with videos, which is a real deal of help for all the new users. This will help you to get to know everything about OLSP. After you are finished watching the modules, you will get $20 for the completion certificate.

4. Free Online Training Videos:

In order to fully grasp how to use OLSP to generate affiliate commissions, it is imperative that you watch the online training videos. It has nine that cover 70 lessons in all, including general topics like email marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, and more specialized ones like funnel building, tracking, advanced list building, Google Ads, and Facebook marketing.

olsp system online training videos

5. (Traffic Domination) TD Products:

There is a range of products made by the Traffic Domination team that is linked to affiliate marketing, list building, and traffic generation.

How To Sign up for OLSP? Step By Step Guide

The sign-up process for OLSP is easy as the breeze; there is nothing really difficult in it!

However, we have outlined the sign-up process in this step-by-step guide to ensure that you do not run into any difficulties later on during the process.

Step 1:

To begin, you must go to the OLSP’s official website, where you will see the following: No account? Create one. You only need to click on the Create One option, which is obvious because you need to create a new account; therefore, simply clicking on the Create One option will direct you to the other page, where the process will begin. 

step 1 olsp guide

Step 2:

Now, enter your first and last names in the provided fields, as well as your email address and a password, which you must confirm twice! After that, enter the captcha code and finally click on the “create account” button in the red box to finish the process.

OLSP System Review

How To Make Money With OLSP System

You must all be curious to learn how to earn money with the OLSP system and how the entire process works. Am I correct? Obviously, I am. Not to worry, it’s not difficult at all.

To earn money with the OLSP system, all you have to do is adhere to their training exactly; they have thoroughly explained everything in their nine units of training, and by sticking to each one, you will soon earn a commission.

When you sign up for the OLSP system, you will receive a mega link, which is also your affiliate link to the system, to earn commissions. To earn a commission, all you have to do is send people to the sign-up page by sharing this link, and when they sign up, they will be taken to this page below:

OLSP System

Once all is done and the person purchases anything through the OLSP system, you will be rewarded with the commission.

So it is as simple as it sounds, and there is no cost to sign up, and there is no requirement to invest any money in order to begin earning commissions. However, if you have any questions, their training sessions will greatly assist you; make sure to follow them for more detailed information.

Does The OLSP System Work?

Because the OLSP system is relatively new to the public, it is understandable for people to have doubts before putting their faith in it completely. What if it is a scam? Do many people still have concerns about it? 

In actuality, the OLSP system is a 100 percent dependable source of income, as evidenced by it becoming increasingly popular among all. There is no scam here; as I previously stated, this platform is currently used by more than 70,000 participants who have given positive reviews

Pros and Cons of OLSP System


Free tutorial of courses
Bonus after you reach at top 100 
Weekly live streams
Different variety of products and tools
Outstanding support from the community of the Facebook group
Proven System
Free of cost membership
Easy access to traffic tools
Access to a quality page builde
Free to start
You don’t need to do any selling
Free marketing certificate on completion of your training


The instructions are unclear and dependent on Facebook .
There are no other cons from this system

Final Thoughts OLSP Review!

If you are looking for ways to make money online from home, then The OLSP system is great choice.  OLSP has helped many people earn a good living, and what could be better than making money from the comfort of your own home? It’s worth a shot, and everyone should give it a chance. You’ll also gain a wealth of knowledge from using this platform.

Check out OLSP if you’re interested in making money online. A newcomer or an established business looking to increase its customer base can both benefit from this service. If you ever need help, the OLSP System is here for you.

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