Bianca Spender AT The Australia Fashion Week Runaway Show
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AAFW Runaway Collection 6 Stunning Looks You Can Shop Now

It’s the week the local style set and fashion-obsessives wait all year for—Afterpay Australian Fashion Week has officially begun.

 And, as many of us are painfully aware, once the rush of the runway shows are over, another much more agonising kind of anticipation ensues as we wait for the collections we’ve just fallen in love with to launch in-store.

But, that’s all changing this year. For the first time, Bianca Spender is dropping key pieces debuted at  show this morning, ready to be added to cart right now.
The collection, which was inspired by optimism, bravery and courage, was awash with pinks, mangos, jade greens, lavenders and blues—just the vivid and vibrant shades to evoke such emotion.

Consciously comprised of 90% deadstock fabrics otherwise headed for landfill, Spender showed a total of 40 stunning looks and among them were six  for those of us who follow a similar mantra when it comes to shopping.

The key ensembles are available in select boutiques and online now, all of which you can shop below.

The Afterplay Australian Fashion Week 2022 opens with Bianca Spender’s stunning collection that consists of contemporary designs for the modern women. Fashion followers do not have to go through the agony of waiting before these drool-worthy pieces hit the stores. The designer has made six of these gorgeous pieces available for instant purchase.    

This is a truly special collection because of what it represents – positivity and courage. As Bianca lost her mother last year, she got over her sorrow through the creation of this new fashion line. It is for this reason that this collection represents optimism as well as courage. The designer inspires women to embrace positivity and be brave through their attire. 

Bianca’s color palate is quite versatile. There are vibrant and bold hues of rust, forest green and yellow. At the same time, the collection also offers sophisticated lilac, lavender, ice blue and other light colors. 

The diversity continues as models of different sizes walk the ramp. Bianca has proved that her collection has been designed for all kinds of women existing in the real world. It is, therefore, the perfect summer collection for today’s women.  

The unique designs incorporate disruptive beauty. This concept revolves around the evolution of conventional clothing into designs that perfectly suit the modern women. Spender’s innovative designs and unique silhouettes enhance a woman’s confidence and elegance. These garments are meant to reshape your attitude and style. 

Other Highlights of Bianca Spenders Fashions

Another highlight of Bianca Spender’s latest fashion line is her use of environmental-friendly production techniques. She calls it responsible designing. For most of the collection, she has used deadstock fabric. This is left over material that other designers discard. It usually ends up in the garbage, leading to huge wastage. However, Spender sends a wonderfully positive message throughout the fashion industry by making use of this fabric. It is quite a challenge as the options with deadstock fabric are quite limited. Yet, Spender has been able to come forth with absolutely eye-catching and innovative designs. 

The primary theme for this summer collection is “fluidity”. The ease of movement is what the modern women look for without compromising an elegant and attractive appearance. The dance performance in the middle of the show was an entertaining piece that also exhibited the fluidity and ease of movement enabled by the dresses designed by Spender. 

Key Designs From Bianca Spender's Collections

Several select boutique outlets as well as online stores are selling six key designs from Bianca Spender’s amazing collection. Here are details of these sought-after pieces:

1. A beautiful silk dress in violet color. It features a mock neck with gather details at the waist and an asymmetric hem.

2. A versatile violet silk top. It can be paired with casual denim or a more sophisticated pair of formal pants. 

3. A lavender crepe double breasted jacket is perfect for office wear. It is elegant, chic and formal for the working women. It can be paired with matching crepe pants

4. A black rib slip dress is elegant as well as comfortable as it allows easy movement. This A-line, ankle-length dress is quite feminine. 

5. Another piece for your office wardrobe is a green crepe jacket paired with matching pants. Both pieces have been designed for comfort for the chic women. 

6. A graceful green satin kinetic dress. It features a racerback neckline with an A-line hem. 

You can get your hands on these unique designs right away. Flaunt a modern style through these lovely pieces.