A No-makeup look is all about appearing natural. Surprisingly, it actually requires quite a number of makeup products to be used. You also need skill to put on just the right amount.

Here are 5 Must-haves to help you sport a natural look.

1. Tinted Moisturizer

A full-coverage foundation is a big No for a no-make look. Go for a tinted moisturizer instead. It keeps your skin nourished while providing just a light layer of base to hide imperfections.

Tinted moisturizers usually come with a range of shades to match your complexion. Getting one with SPF is a bonus. So, while you smooth out fine lines and blemishes on your skin, you will also be able to get UV protection.

2. Smudge-proof Eye Pencil and Mascara

No dramatic eye-liner please! You might have to say goodbye to your favorite winged liner for a true no-makeup look. The idea is to appear as natural as possible.

It is recommended to go for tight-lining – a technique used to apply liner extremely close to your lash-line as well as on the waterline. Use a smudge-proof eye pencil for this purpose. That way your eyes won’t get messy during the course of the day.

Add a volumizing mascara to the look. Your eyes will appear big and bright.You may use mascara and liner both or just the mascara alone. Make sure it’s waterproof so that it is more long lasting.

3. Nude Eye-shadow

In order to make your look more attractive, don’t forget to put on eye-shadow. However, avoid experimenting with colors. Simply go for nude shades for a truly subtle and elegant appearance.

Make sure there is no shimmer in the shades you put on your lids. You need classic matte shades without any shiny highlighter.

4. Lip Tint

Lip tints are quite a new trend in the makeup world. You should give up your tacky glosses or overly bright lip shades. These should be replaced with a lip tint or stain for the most natural look. You can go for a peach shade or pink hues depending on what suits you best.

Lip tints are pretty long lasting. You can eat and drink without worrying about losing the shade on your lips.

Lip stains may also be used on cheeks to create a lovely yet natural glow. So, here you can use a single item for dual purpose.

5. Refreshing Face Mist

The final touch should be a refreshing face mist. Get one with natural ingredients including nutrients like vitamins E, C and B. That way you won’t lose the freshness of your face for a long time.

You may need to retouch by spraying every few hours. It will be better to carry the mist with you in your bag.

Using all the 5 above mentioned items will give u a complete and natural No-makeup look. This can be your everyday look whether you are heading to the office or simply running errands at the supermarket. Look your best wherever you are!